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Contoh Soal Bahasa Inggris Grammar And Reading
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Contoh Soal Bahasa Inggris Grammar And Reading

I. Grammar Section
Chose the best answer for each number!
1. In what way does the past __________ the life of the present?
A. Effect C. Affect
B. Affects D. Effective

2. All Hindu religious books are written __________ Sanskrit language.
A. On C. In the
B. Into a D. For

3. In the early 1800’s, a Scottish named John McAdam invented a new way to build __________
A. Paving roads C. The paved roads
B. Pave roads D. Paved roads

II. Reading Section
The incident reported last Monday, when a group of imported workers from China were refused entry and detained by Hong Kong Immigration Department officials as they attempted to return to Hong Kong after a weekend visit to their families on the mainland, has caused considerable concern among local labour organizations. As a result of this unease, I have been requested, as Secretary for the Hong Kong Association of Trade Unions (HKATU), to issue the following statement on this incident.

The 54 workers involved were all employed by Lucky Construction Company (HK) Ltd. on two-year contracts. On the evening of 30 January they travelled from Hong Kong to Guangzhou. As they attempted to cross back to Hong Kong from Lo Wu on the evening of 31 January, they were prevented from doing so by Hong Kong Immigration officials. Nine of the workers were held for almost ten hours before being released and allowed to enter Hong Kong. A spokesman for the Immigration Department, Mr Chan Kwok-yin, reported to the HKATU that his department had been informed by Lucky Construction that the workers’ employment contracts had been terminated. This information had been duly recorded on Immigration Department computers and officials were thus left with no option but to refuse the men re-entry and to treat them as possible illegal immigrants.

26. The last sentence of paragraph 4 is included to show that:
(A) the workers had only gone to China for a short time
(B) the workers didn’t know they had lost their jobs
© the workers could use this as a reason to return to Hong Kong
(D) the company was trying to keep their money and clothing

27. In paragraph 3, ‘ payments were not authorized’ means that:
(A) the workers had not given permission for the payments to be made
(B) the payments were not being collected in an organized way
© the payments being made to the agency were excessive
(D) the payments were not being sent to the correct employment agency

One of the most successful commercial products ever launched is said to have come about as the result of a mistake. In 1896, Jacob’s Pharmacy in Atlanta, Georgia, was selling a nerve tonic known as ‘French Wine Cola – Ideal Nerve Tonic’. By accidentally adding fizzy water instead of still water to the recipe, a pharmacist called John S. Pemberton invented what has today become the most popular soft drink in the world: Coca-Cola. Along with its closest rival – Pepsi – which appeared on the market three years later, Coke has enjoyed phenomenal success worldwide, particularly in the past fifty years. Indeed, old Coke bottles and ‘limited edition’ cans can often fetch considerable sums from collectors, and there are even stores which deal exclusively in Coke products and memorabilia.

What could possibly account for the amazing success of Coca-Cola? How has this combination of carbonated water, sugar, acid and flavourings come to symbolize the American way of life for most of the world? After all, even the manufacturers could hardly describe Coke as a healthy product since it contains relatively high amounts of sugar (admittedly not the case with Diet Coke which contains artificial sweeteners instead of sugar) and phosphoric acid, both of which are known to damage teeth.

41. In paragraph 1, ‘cans can often fetch considerable sums’ means the same as:
(A) Coke is quite expensive in some parts of the world
(B) collectors consider carefully how much they are paying for a can of Coke
© some collectors will only drink Coke in exclusive stores
(D) certain Coke cans are worth a lot of money as collectable items

42. ‘Coke has enjoyed phenomenal success’ paragraph 1 suggests the writer:
(A) thinks that the success of Coke is very strange
(B) believes that the success of Coke has been impressive
© rather disapproves of the success of Coke
(D) considers the success of Coke to be undeserved

43. In the last sentence of the passage the writer implies that:
(A) most people would like to live in America
(B) many people wish for a lifestyle like they imagine most Americans have
© drinking Coke reminds a lot of people of visiting America
(D) living in the United States is a bit like living in a dream

09-03-2011 01:59 AM
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RE: Contoh Soal Bahasa Inggris Grammar And Reading
Soal yang bagus sistah, Miss English EOC niy..........emo-cinta

09-04-2011 07:55 PM
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