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Contoh Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas 1 SMA
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Contoh Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas 1 SMA

1. When you go through the customs, your luggage _______ by customer officer.
a. will check
b. be checked
c. will be checked
d. will be carried
e. to check
answer: C

2. Her new book _______ into many languages.
a. will probably translate
b. be translating
c. will probably be translated
d. to translate
e. is to translate
Answer: C

3. All flights ________ because of the fog.
a. are to cancel
b. cancel
c. are to be canceled
d. to be canceled
e. canceled
answer: C

4. The delivery of medicines for the victims of the landslide through helicopter ________ because of the bad weather.
a. is delayed
b. was postponed
c. were postponed
d. postponed
e. is to delay
answer: A

5. Several people involved in the scandal ________ by the police officers.
a. have been arrested
b. are arresting
c. are to arrest
d. is arrested
e. have arrested
answer: A

6. “Have you ever met Mrs. Powell?”
“He asked me _______.”
a. if I met Mrs. Powell
b. if I had met Mrs. Powell
c. whether I had ever met Mrs. Powell
d. to meet Mrs. Powell
e. to have met Mrs. Powell
answer: C

7. Mrs. Adam just asked, “Will you be in class tomorrow?”
This means that Mrs. Adam wants to know ________.
a. if I will be in class tomorrow
b. if I would be in class tomorrow
c. will I be in class tomorrow
d. whether I can be in class tomorrow
e. why I will be in class tomorrow
answer: A

8. “Can you come to my party?” asked David.
a. David asked me to come to the party
b. David asked me whether I could come to the party
c. David wants to know if I could come to the party
d. David said that he could come to the party
e. David told me to come to the party
answer: B

9. The secretary asked me ________ with Mr. Sigit.
a. did I have an appointment
b. how was my appointment
c. whether I had an appointment
d. when is your appointment
e. that I had an appointment
answer: C

10. Mike asked to himself, “Will she answer my letter?”
This means that Mike hoped _______ his letter.
a. would she answer
b. that she would answer
c. whether she would answer
d. why she answered
e. she was answering
answer: B

09-03-2011 01:52 AM
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