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50 artis tersexy yg berumur 50han lebih
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Gogol_HT Offline

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50 artis tersexy yg berumur 50han lebih
[Image: 2210l.jpg]

50. Katey Sagal
49 Jessica Lange
48. Sigourney Weaver
47. Pam Grier
46. Leeza Gibbons
45. Janice Dickinson
44. Debbie Harry
43. Queen Noor of Jordan
42. Chrissie Hynde
41. Cassandra Peterson
40. Geena Davis
39. Joan Allen
38. Kim Cattrall
37. Susan Lucci
36. Cher
35. Ellen DeGeneres
34. Jane Fonda
33. Tina Turner
32. Susan Sarandon
31. Katie Couric
30. Lynda Carter
29. Dorothy Hamill
28. Beverly Johnson
27. Mary Steenburgen
26. Goldie Hawn
25. Ellen Barkin
24. Sophia Loren
23. Raquel Welch
22. Suzanne Somers
21. Olivia Newton-John
20. Peggy Lipton
19. Rene Russo
18. Sharon Stone
17. Ann Curry
16. Diane Sawyer
15. Cheryl Tiegs
14. Angela Bassett
13. Joan Jett
12. Jaclyn Smith
11. Sela Ward
10. Kim Basinger
9. Andie MacDowell
8. Jane Seymour
7. Madonna
6. Helen Mirren
5. Christie Brinkley
4. Iman
3. Jennifer Tilly
2. Michelle Pfeiffer
1. Holly Hunter

50. Katey Sagal
Born January 19, 1954

[Image: 2213l.jpg]

When We First Fell in Love: She got her big break when Gene Simmons asked her to sing backup on the Kiss album Calling Dr. Love. She was later one of the original Harlettes for icon Bette Midler.

Career Highlights: Sex-starved Peg Bundy on Married…With Children, lead roles in 8 Simple Rules and Sons of Anarchy.

[Image: 2217m.jpg]

49. Jessica Lange
Born April 20, 1949
[Image: 2221l.jpg]

Why She Sizzles: The blonde is admirably outspoken: she has criticized the Bush Administration as a “self-serving regime of deceit, hypocrisy, and belligerence.”

When We First Fell in Love: She wriggled around in a rope bikini for the 1976 King Kong remake. We didn’t stand a chance.
[Image: 2222l.jpg]
Critics panned Jessica's turn in 1976's King Kong.

Career Highlights: Oscar nominations for roles in Frances and Tootsie, a Best Actress win for Blue Sky.

[Image: 2224l.jpg]

“Work”: Her rep denies it, but her eyes look a little too cat-like to be natural. Check out our now and then comparison to decide for yourself.
[Jessica Lange]
[Image: 2229l.jpg]

48. Sigourney Weaver
Born October 8, 1949
[Image: 2231l.jpg]
Why She Sizzles: Weaver exudes intellectual sex appeal. The 5’11” stunner renamed herself after a Fitzgerald character, speaks three languages fluently, and graduated from Stanford University, where she reportedly lived in a tree house and wore homemade elf outfits.
[Picture] Sigourney in a very revealing 1994 Vanity Fair shoot. from flickr.com
[Image: 2232l.jpg]
When We First Fell in Love: Her turn as Ellen Ripley in 1979’s Alien catapulted her to stardom, although she turned heads with a bit part in Annie Hall in 1977.
[Image: 2233l.jpg]
Career Highlights: Gorillas in the Mist, Dave, The Ice Storm

[Image: 2234l.jpg]
Actress Sigourney Weaver arrives at the World Premiere of Disney-Pixar's Wall-E on June 21,2008 at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images North America)

47. Pam Grier
Born May 26, 1949

[Image: 2238l.jpg?add=True]
Why She Sizzles: You can’t control the awesome.

When We First Fell in Love: Pam showed a lot of skin in early 1970’s women-in-prison films, and we thank her for it.
[Image: 2239l.jpg]

Career Highs: Her appearance in 1997’s Jackie Brown was one hell of a comeback. She was also smokin’ on The L Word as Kit Porter.

Career Lows: 2001’s Bones, in which she co-starred with the ghost of Snoop Dogg. Kind of.
[Pam L Word]
[Image: 2240l.jpg]
Snoop Dogg and Ms. Grier in Bones. image via moviepublicity.com

46. Leeza Gibbons
Born March 26, 1957
[Image: 2242l.jpg]

Why She Sizzles: Entertainment news reporter Leeza Gibbons is way hotter than a lot of the celebrities she’s covered over her career. Her daytime talk show, Leeza, was infinitely more intelligent than Maury Povich’s, too.

[Image: 2243l.jpg]
Leeza at an event in May 2008. Getty Images.

When We First Fell in Love: She became a correspondent for Entertainment Tonight in 1984, but she won hearts in 1987 with an appearance in Robocop.

Career Highs: Entertainment Tonight, Leeza

Career Lows: Third kicked off on Dancing with the Stars Spring 2007, and we can see why:

“Work”: If she has had anything done, she’s not admitting it. Leeza hawks a mineral makeup line called "Sheer Cover” on HSN, which she credits for her flawless skin.

45. Janice Dickinson
Born February 15, 1955
[Image: 2245l.jpg]
Why She Sizzles: Janice fully embraces her cougar status. She’s also not afraid to flash her panties in the front row at Fashion Week.

When We First Fell in Love: Janice’s pout on many Vogue covers in the late 70's and early 80's made men and women everywhere melt.
[Image: 2247l.jpg]
Career Highs: Landing the covers of Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and Playboy; opening the Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency in 2006.

[Image: 2249l.jpg]
Career Lows: Janice can’t keep away from D-list reality shows like The Surreal Life and I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!

[Image: Janice+Dickinson+Hosts+Model+Walk+Off+Co...kLDLtl.jpg]
Janice Dickinson at a model walk-off competition at the NBC Experience Store on August 23, 2008 in New York City. Getty Images.

“Work”: Oh yes. Janice has admitted to a plastic surgery addiction. She’s had a breast enlargement, tummy tuck, neck and facelifts, liposuction, Botox, collagen injections…

01-20-2011 12:50 AM
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damarsaloka Offline

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RE: 50 artis tersexsi yg berumur 50han lebih
Udah 50 tahun seharusnya tau diri . , lah, beribadah yg banyak Big Grin

01-20-2011 08:36 AM
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Gogol_HT Offline

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RE: 50 artis tersexsi yg berumur 50han lebih
44. Debbie Harry
Born July 1, 1945

Why She Sizzles: Her face jump-started the music video revolution. Any further questions?
[Image: 2253l.jpg]
Andy Warhol's photograph of Debbie Harry.

When We First Fell in Love: When she ‘rapped’ on the 1981 smash hit “Rapture," featuring the lines: “And then you’re in the man from Mars/ You go out at night, eatin’ cars/ You eat Cadillacs, Lincolns too/ Mercuries and Subarus."
[Image: 2254l.jpg]
Debbie Harry at a movie premiere on October 7, 2008. Getty Images

Career Lowlights: Her last recording with Blondie, 2003’s The Curse of Blondie, had some terrifying rap-rock elements, and still managed to bore:

43. Queen Noor of Jordan
Born August 23, 1951
[Image: 2256l.jpg]
Why She Sizzles: Since her husband’s death in 1999, Queen Noor has remained active in global peace efforts. She speaks on behalf of peace-building organizations around the world—and she looks stunning while she does it.

When We First Fell in Love: Queen Noor captivated the world when she converted to Islam and married King Hussein in 1978.
[Image: 2257l.jpg]
Queen Noor and King Hussein. image via http://www.ccds.charlotte.nc.us

Career Highs: Marrying the King of Jordan was pretty sweet.

Career Lows: It’s been rumored Queen Noor wanted her eldest son, Prince Hamzah, to be named heir to the throne, although he was King Hussein’s fourth son (and seventh child).
[Image: 2258l.jpg]
Queen Noor speaks at Pangea Day on May 10, 2008. Getty Images.

42. Chrissie Hynde
Born September 7, 1951
[Image: 2259l.jpg]
Why She Sizzles: The former Ohio girl is a high-profile animal rights activist who puts her money where her mouth is: last year she opened a vegan restaurant in Akron, Ohio called The VegiTerranean. And she can shred on the guitar.
[Image: 2260l.jpg]
image via Wikimedia.org

When We First Fell in Love: Hynde’s bitter honey vocals on “Brass in Pocket” made her an unlikely sex symbol in 1979, especially when she cooed that she’d use her legs and "imagination" to make you want her.
Career Highs: The Pretenders were inducted to the Rock ‘N Roll Hall of Fame in 2005.

Career Lows: Two of her bandmates died of drug overdoses in the early 1980s.
[Image: 22Chrissie-Hynde.jpg]
image linked from the Ken Sharp Gallery

“Work”: Chrissie rocks way too hard to mess with anything but guitars and eyeliner.

01-20-2011 10:03 AM
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M2F Offline

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RE: 50 artis tersexy yg berumur 50han lebih
hore ini c makin tua makin jadi

02-28-2011 04:10 PM
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melky_hp Offline
Computer stuff

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Post: #5
RE: 50 artis tersexy yg berumur 50han lebih
(02-28-2011 04:10 PM)M2F Wrote:  hore ini c makin tua makin jadi


03-04-2011 01:26 PM
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Amri_MF Offline
Musisi Dunia Maya

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Post: #6
RE: 50 artis tersexy yg berumur 50han lebih
Pokoknya udah masuk kategory MILF/Tante ya???

03-24-2011 09:24 AM
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jaka182 Offline

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RE: 50 artis tersexy yg berumur 50han lebih
(03-24-2011 09:24 AM)Amri_MF Wrote:  Pokoknya udah masuk kategory MILF/Tante ya???

yang pasti definitely MILF ga horehorehore

04-26-2011 07:07 PM
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